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    • Nick

      As I sit here at my dining room table writing this, I glance out at the flat grassy terrain, which has tire tracks from a truck that decided to have a little fun, I think to myself “wouldn’t it be nice to have my own property where I don’t have to deal with the constant headache of teenagers regular recklessness, or the homeless diving into the dumpsters to get a meal, nothing against the homeless, just pick another dumpster, or the continual noise of cars and emergency vehicles screaming by my front door. I sit here just dreaming of the day I become a homeowner, but until then renting is my only option.

      As a tenant of the “Broad Stone Apartment Complex”, I feel blessed to have spacious living accommodations, but I still have to deal with the blaring reminder that this is just temporary. As a tenant I still have the duties and responsibilities of keeping my unit in the same condition as when I moved in. In this discussion, I want to cover topics that you as a tenant may or may not have thought about. Such topics as, major mistakes tenants make concerning money, repairs, maintenance problems left unresolved, and issues involving the immediate community.

      I also want to discuss ways to streamline the rental process. What can landlords and tenants do to make the process easier? Also, what are some ways that landlords can improve the quality of life through simple improvements? I want this to be an open forum, so I also want to know mistakes that landlords have made concerning tenants? Let’s leave no stone unturned. I know for many of us, we want to have the rental process to be as simple as possible, with as few headaches to deal with. Most of us want to come home from a busy day at work, kick back relax and have a cold beer and not have to deal with unresolved issues in our castle. So let’s discuss how we can make rental life a little easier.

    • LauraHoward031

      A landlord should ensure that everything is in the proper working order before renting the property. Also, renters should make sure they maintain the property during the period of tenancy.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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