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Rental Applicant Requirements

In general, landlords are looking for tenants who; pay on time, comply with the lease terms, keep the rental property clean and in good condition, and tenants who do not disturb neighbors. Rental property screening criteria vary based on individual landlords, however, in general landlords consider many (if not all) of the criteria listed below.

General rental requirements

  1. Must be minimum of 18 years
  2. Must have a state issued identification and a valid SSN
  3. Must have satisfactory rental history
  4. Must have satisfactory employment history
  5. Must have satisfactory income
  6. Must have a history of making payments on time
  7. Must successfully pass an eviction/criminal background check

What landlords look for in a tenant

  • A tenant who pays on time
  • A tenant who does not disturb neighbors
  • A tenant who keeps the rental property clean and in good condition
  • A tenant who complies with the lease

What tenants look for in a landlord

  • A landlord who complies with the lease
  • A landlord who responds quickly to tenant requests
  • A landlord who respects tenants privacy

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