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    • BruceW

      The largest investments we make in our lives are often the hardest to refund, that’s why it is really important to figure out what you need and then move on with your search. If we talk about the big investments, one thing that people spend their whole life’s hard-earned money is real estate. No matter whether you are extremely rich or a common man saving every penny to buy a home for his family, you can’t afford to make an impulsive decision and turn your moment of joy into remorse by settling down for something you never wanted. It is crucial to know about the options you have before taking a plunge into home buying, for they say half of your search completes when you are sure about what kind of home you are looking for. The list of the options that any average home seeker can look for in the real estate market includes:

      Newly Constructed Home

      What could be better that designing each and every detail of your dream home yourself? Planning your house yourself give you the leverage of choosing every little thing from layout of the structure to the color of the cabinet, which is one of the most dominant reasons why the culture of newly constructed house is increasing day by day. The major drawback that comes along buying a brand new constructed house is the list of unplanned expenses that occur meanwhile the construction.


      Condominiums are the individual flats located in a multi-story building. The condominium building generally has its own recreation centers, parks, shopping hubs and is governed by an association that determines the monthly fee and takes care of the maintenance and improvement of the building. The major drawback of living in a condominium is the lack of privacy and increased depreciation during a housing- market downturn.


      Vertically joined in a row with other similar looking houses, townhouses are perfect for the people who are seeking for the privacy of a single family apartment along with the exterior maintenance of a condo. Townhouses are generally located in the vicinity of schools and parks. They are bit cheaper compared to the condominiums and newly built houses but will not be the right choice if you are overly sensitive about noise coming from the adjacent shared wall.

      Foreclosure Property

      Foreclosure properties are known to be an inexpensive alternative for the people looking for a previously owned home that require minor repairs and modifications. A foreclosure property is also known as Real Estate Owned property and is often owned by the lender as the previous owner defaulted on paying back loan. Foreclosure properties are usually up to 65% below the market and are considered to be best deals on the market.

      Second Homes

      The second home is a secret hideaway people buy to get away from the standardization of life and spend a week or two into the woods away from the hustle and bustle of town. The second or vacation homes are difficult to maintain as there is no one to look after the repairs and maintenance of the house when you are away.

      Now that you have a brief idea about some of the real estate options available for a home buyer, figure out what kind of house you want and plan your search accordingly. Buying real estate is not a small step but with lots of knowledge and right guidance you can make the most out of your investment.

      Anurag K Gupta, the writer of this article, is associated with, one of the most reputed property portals, globally. As an inside observer of the Realty landscape in India, he nails down the issues concerning property buyers, investors, developers and other stakeholders in the industry.

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      Article Source:

    • Evans Ace
      High returns on Investment – Check out this good article:

      The Bridge Cambodia is a freehold mix development construct inside the heart of Phnom Penh Town, Cambodia. Located in the tourist area, this particular new development is strolling distance to Embassies, Aeon Mall, Nagaworld Casino, International Schools and many other shops nearby. The Bridge Cambodia is developed by a reputable Singapore listed Developer, and have develop many past projects in Singapore as well as other parts of the world which include London. Respected for the quality and timely delivery with their products, The Bridge is expected to finish by estimated 2018.

      The Bridge Cambodia is made up of one tower of Residential, and another building of SOHO units available for purchase. On the first few levels of the 45-storey development is a mix of commercial space and F&B. In the latest edition, these commercial and F&B units are being release for sale, with an attractive 70% guarantee return over Ten years! Though The Bridge is open for sale to International purchasers, about 75% of the purchasers are still Cambodians. This shows the confidence of local demand for branded products such as The Bridge.

      Reasons to Invest in The Bridge Cambodia

      1. Significant Landmark in Phnom Penh City
      2. Top Singapore Developer
      3. Flexi/Multi functional
      4. 1st Mover advantage with the one and only FREEHOLD Strata title Retail mall for sale
      5. First Small Office Home Office concept
      6. Deferred followed by progressive payment
      8. Guarantee Rental Return of 70% over 10 years for Commercial Units
      9. Stroll away to various entertainment areas such as Aeon Mall, Diamond Island, Casino Hotel at Nagaworld, eateries and many more
      10. Low price entry From USD90k

      Source: The Bridge Cambodia webpage

    • LauraHoward031

      Duplexes and apartments are also good options for home seekers.

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